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8 Sep organizational meeting; tidyverse/GitHub basics Git stuff (“Happy Git with R”; GitHub with GitHub desktop; GitHub on the command line); tidyverse stuff (Software Carpentry lessons on dplyr and tidyr; tidyverse cheat sheets (see especially “data import” and “data transformation”)) intro (slides) 1; 2 1; 2; 3
15 Sep principles: Tukey, Cleveland, Tufte Cleveland and McGill (1984); Cleveland and McGill (1987); John Rauser on “How Humans See Data”; “bananas plot” blog post scales (slides); principles (slides) BMB’s “bananas” code; old bananas code 1; 2; 3; 4
24 Sep exploratory graphics explore (slides); explore_multiway (slides); tables (slides) Lollipop plot example (a fun alternative to bar plots) 1; 2; 3
1 Oct diagnostic graphics Peltonen, Venna, and Kaski (2009) diagnostics (slides) 1; 2
4 Oct inferential graphics Wickham et al. (2010); Gelman, Pasarica, and Dodhia (2002); Gelman (2011) infer (slides); coefplots (slides) 1; 2
11 Oct
18 Oct Interactive graphics interactive (slides)
20 Oct infoviz vs data viz; ethics; expository graphics infovis (slides)
22 Oct Spatial data spatial (slides); spatial_ex (slides); get_maps (slides)
27 Oct High-dimensional data newdim (slides); dyndim (slides); ethics (slides)
TBA colour (slides)
Group work network (slides)
6 December Group presentations (Dec 6: McLean/Zarini; Agdeboye/Lim; Wang/Chen) Dec 8: Pekos/Freeman; Greenberg/Cai/Lee; Neal/Sowue)


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