I am always interested in talented, motivated and quantitatively oriented prospective trainees interested in theoretical biology, particularly (but not exclusively) in the evolution and spread of infectious diseases of humans.

It is usually best to apply informally, either before or in parallel with the regular application process. To do this, please email with:

  • A description of your plans (when are you available, when would you like to start?)
  • A brief (500-600 words) description of
    • your general research interests;
    • some specific thoughts about what sort of project you would be interested in working on in our lab – this could be a topic, or an approach, and can be specific or general;
    • a few words about the overlap between your research interests and ours – in other words, a brief explanation of why my group would be a good place for you to conduct your research.
  • A one- or two-paragraph description of your background and skills: e.g., what sorts of math, statistics, biology and computation courses and experience you have; have you done any research projects or other projects of interest?
  • A sample of your scientific writing
    • E.g., a term paper, undergrad or masters thesis, a first-author journal article …
  • CV (optional)

Please attach PDFs, not Word documents.

International graduate students

If you are a graduate candidate who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you will probably only be able to start in September, and you will need to contact me before 15 Nov of the previous year. I am sorry about the inconvenience, which is due to administrative limitations.