Post last updated: 7 Dec 2021


Every three weeks, our group provides COVID-19 infection report forecasts for the province of Ontario to the Ontario Modelling Consensus Table (MCT), a partner of the Ontario Science Advisory Table (SAT), which presents this information to the Health Coordination Table of the Ontario Ministry of Health.1 Other modelling groups also provide forecasts to the MCT. After reviewing all forecasts provided, the MCT provides consensus projections to the SAT.

Our forecasts are based on a compartmental epidemic model implemented in our publicly available McMasterPandemic R package, and involve statistical fits to Ontario’s latest infection report data.

Forecast overview

The forecast presented here was made on 17 Oct 2021 and was submitted to the MCT for inclusion in the SAT’s update on COVID-19 projections, released on 22 Oct 2021.

This set of projections explores the potential effect of lifting capacity limits on select large-scale venues where proof of vaccination is required. While these capacity limits were indeed lifted on 9 Oct, it is too soon to infer any effect that this event may have had on transmission from the infection report data. We describe the transmission scenarios we considered in detail below.

We have updated, and will continue to update, this post in order to show the latest infection reports, but the forecasts themselves have not, and will not, be modified after the forecast date.

Forecast results

The following figure gives the infection report forecasts (curves), with 95% confidence intervals as bands around each forecast curve. Observed infection reports to which the model was fit are plotted with solid points, while observations after the fact are included as hollow points.